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  • Our Sweeping Compounds are made from the highest quality ingredients and include a special bonding ingredient (unique to FloorSweep™)which enables our product to better absorb the dirt & dust (see details)
  • Our Sweeping Compounds are 100% “Grit free” which ensures that you get more floor space coverage per the container vs. the “Grit Fillers” (used by our competitors) that only gives the illusion of more product
  • Grit Fillers, such as silica or marble dust, (in our opinion) do not contribute to dust absorption qualities you should look for in a sweeping compound. We believe the grit fillers can actually damage floor surfaces as they are often left behind and can scratch or dull the floor finish
  • click picFloorSweep offers the widest range of packaging choices in the market. (see Packaging Choices)
  • QuickShip: USA, Mexico and Canada
    Delivery (Our Truck), Common Carrier shipping, or Customer pickup is available (see How to Get our Products)
  • Perhaps the greatest advantage we offer is dual locations within the Piedmont Triad and Charlotte Metro regions, which makes getting our products fast, easy, and economical.
  • Bottom line pricing - we can compete with anyone, but we believe our product quality and consistency along with prompt delivery is what separates us from the rest!

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